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Patient Criteria

Integrated Health Hawaii (IHH) currently provides services to patients of select PMAG member physicians. Any patient is eligible regardless of age, insurance, or status of insurance. No matter what the need may be, if you feel your patient could benefit from extra assistance, we encourage you to refer them to our program. Integrated Health Hawaii (IHH) is dedicated to helping connect your patients to the appropriate services and resources for the improvement of their health and wellness.  

Integrated Health Hawaii has serviced over 2600 patients since July 2018. We have helped patients who have had or are at-risk for the following: 

Kapili Kokua


  • Learning assessments

  • Developmental delays

  • Behavioral health / mental health issues

  • Family issues

  • Genetic or physical conditions

  • Metabolic disorders

  • State and federal assistance programs

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Behavioral Health


  • Behavioral health / mental health issues

  • Transportation assistance

  • Housing assistance

  • Food assistance

  • Alcohol and drug substance use disorders

  • Geriatric / care giver support

  • Social support services

  • State and federal assistance programs

  • Childcare services

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