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Integrated Health Hawaii (IHH) is dedicated to helping independent physicians care for their patients by providing support to their practices in an ongoing effort to build a value-based, comprehensive network of care.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between systems of care and improve timely access to social services, educational services, community resources, and medical and behavioral healthcare through care coordination.


Currently, IHH only services physicians who are members of the physician organization, Pacific Medical Administrative Group (PMAG)

What We Do

Integrated Health Hawaii (IHH) is funded by state and federal grants. Our goal is to help the people of Hawaii achieve optimal health through Collaborative Care.

Our Care Coordinators work directly with the patient to identify their areas of concern, develop a care plan to achieve their health goals, and provide education about different healthcare services. Because every individual’s “overall health” is defined by numerous different factors, care coordinators focus on helping the patient address areas of life that is most important to them. Care coordinators work with other care team members to facilitate the delivery of services, address barriers to accessing care, and connect the patient with healthcare specialists and community resources.

Care Coordinators do not provide direct clinical services but are trained to engage the patient, assess the needs of the patient, and work with the patient and their family to connect to appropriate services.

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